About Author

After John Monteith graduated from the Naval Academy in 1991, his career in the U.S. Navy included service aboard a nuclear ballistic missile submarine and a tour as a top-rated instructor of combat tactics at the U.S. Naval Submarine School.  Since his transition to civilian life, he has continued to pursue his interest in cutting-edge technology.  He currently lives in the Detroit area, where he works in engineering when he’s not busy cranking out high-tech naval action thrillers.

Novels by John Monteith in the Rogue Submarine series include ROGUE AVENGER (2005), ROGUE BETRAYER (2007), ROGUE CRUSADER (2010), ROGUE DEFENDER (2013), ROGUE ENFORCER (2014), ROGUE FORTRESS (2015), ROGUE GOLIATH (2015), ROGUE HUNTER (2016), ROGUE INVADER (2017),  ROGUE JUSTICE (2017), and ROGUE KINGDOM (2018).

Novels by John Monteith in the Wraith Hunter Chronicles series include PROPHECY OF ASHES  (2018), PROPHECY OF BLOOD (2018), PROPHECY OF CHAOS (2018) and PROPHECY OF DUST (June 2018).

He wrote WRATH OF THE ANGEL (2016), where a young man who takes cybernetic control of predatory animals is challenged by an exorcist who believes the source of his power is demonic.