Other Military Novels


  1. Kremlin Storm This is #4 of the Sokolov brothers series by Ian Kharitonov which pairs a Russian rescue hero/killing machine with his historian genius brother in solving crimes and fighting evil. The series’ first three books were blends of action, intrigue, and culture. In book 4, the author winds up the action and spins it nonstop, and he includes an American angle with CIA interests. It’s a James Bond-ish blend of espionage with special ops combat. As far as the quality of writing, Kharitonov’s one of the best. Check it out!
  2. Operation Ivy Bells A diamond in the rough by Robert Williscroft. Presented as a first person (“I” did this, “I” did that) diary-novel , it’s a mix of the author’s memory and his creative mind. Not a big fan of diving stories, I tried it on Kindle Unlimited and discovered a first-class hybrid submarine-diving adventure. It’s old school 70’s submarining, but the tactics are breathtakingly stimulating, the stakes are high, and the writing is great.
  3. Fields of Fire This is a Viet-nam War era glimpse of the USMC. Former marine, senator, and Secretary of the Navy, James Webb wrote this hard-hitting story which gives one of the most authentic impressions of the conflict and the overall sense of heroism shaping the rich history of the American fighter.